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Create legal documents using forms prepared by trusted Utah attorneys.
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You can now prepare Utah legal documents faster and easier than ever. We created a system to make Utah legal document preparation convenient and affordable for everyone by minimizing high-cost attorney involvement. Your documents are created using legal forms prepared by trusted Utah attorneys, so you can feel confident in the legal documents you receive. Our online forms are secure, easy-to-use, and only take a few minutes to complete. You can trust Utah Legal Express to create your Utah legal forms online.

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All documents will be delivered with specific instructions explaining how to sign and finalize your legal documents. You can also choose to speak with a trusted Utah attorney and receive advice and direction based  on your situation and needs.

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      • Create a living trust to protect your privacy and avoid probate
      • Create a last will and testament
      • Create a living will and specify your end-of-life decisions
      • Name an executor or personal representative
      • Name a guardian for your minor children
      • Gain peace of mind and control of your health and finances
      • Preserve your estate for the benefit of your children and family
      • Leave an inheritance to your children and family
      • Choose someone to manage your financial affairs and make healthcare decisions for you when you are unable or incapacitated

Utah legal documents prepared online and delivered within 48 hours.

Utah state specific legal documents. Safe, secure and fast. Satisfaction 100% guaranteed.

      • Create a last will and testament
      • Create a living trust
      • Create a power of attorney
      • Create a Utah health care directive
      • Create probate documents
      • Bundle your documents and save money

*Receive a digital copy of your documents within two business days.
If legal advice is requested, an attorney will contact you within two business days of receiving your order.

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We've created a system designed to save you time and money.


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Utah state specific legal documents using forms prepared by a trusted Utah attorney.


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Receive a digital copy of your documents or be contacted by an attorney within 48 hours.



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We’ve made creating a Utah legal form online at Utah Legal Express simple. We offer a variety of Utah legal documents you can create online in just a few minutes. Our Utah legal forms are Utah state specific and prepared by trusted Utah attorneys. Utah Legal Express can help you create a last will and testament document, power of attorney document, or Utah health care document (medical power of attorney and living will). Bundle important estate planning legal documents together in one of our Utah estate planning bundles. Starting your Utah estate plan has never been so easy. With Utah Legal Express, creating a online legal document is fast, secure, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Protect your family by starting your estate plan documents with Utah Legal Express today.